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Albion Royal Continent Layout: PvP & Buy Cheap Albion Gold

Relevant more Albion online new royal continent layout update, you can take a look at, it's said to that the new zone is set up like "like a pie-chart with each slice being a biome with one city". In addition, the center of the map where all biomes meet is the "red zone" with a single city that is the nerve center of the PvP zone. Tunnels will allow access to and egress from the city, though they can similarly be camped by opponents. 

Many of gamers stated that the game is definitely worth the wait, for whose who don't like wipes, then wait still the releases, it soon to be launched on April. If you like full loot PvP, a player run economy and robust crafting system, an addicting progression system that keeps you playing, this game is absolutely the game for you. Meanwhile, don't forget to buy albion online gold as soon as possible.

Being a Sandbox game, it is all about the community coming up with ways to keep the game interesting for all those involved. When it comes to a player-driven economy, as you have to keep the players engaged. However, players can now buy founder packs, at the same time, albion online gold is essentail to playing game, hence, you have to prepared for enough albion online gold in the process of playing game.

UPAlbion is bound to worth yor trust gaming website, fast delivery, full stock, the top quality, safety guarantee, cheap and reasonable price, contact directly it at any time. Additionally, Armor and weapons are essential in Albion, hence, gold is also indispensable, The best gold supplier are there for you and offer cheap albion gold.

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